About Us


Sunlife is an independent organic and health food company that brings you all that is best in organic products, we are passionate about taste, health and the environment.

We truly believe what you eat is the medicine that heals therefore food must be inspiring and delight the senses. It should excites imagination and bring people together to create pleasure. All our products are organic and GMO free, suitable for vegetarians, with no artificial additives.

From conception to consumption, the quality is maintained at the highest standards that far exceeds all. Raw materials are grown in organic soils, but in addition to that, it is made sure the soil is fully fertile and the land is far away from any industrial pollution. Also, the plant materials are harvested only at their pick potency. And then, full protection is implemented to make sure absolutely no irradiation and fumigation are applied to these pristine, pure materials.

Our ethical organic brand is the beauty of your SUNLIFE…